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    "Environmentally friendly" closed system of scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor

      Chemical composition: organic molybdenum corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, dispersant, etc

      Outside view: light yellow transparent liquid

      Quality standard:


      Point: this product is to replace chrome, glass of water treatment agent of a new generation of compound closed water system, the corrosion and scale inhibition performance, and non-toxic, harmless, no side effect to operating personnel, safe, reliable, on the surrounding water environment will not cause harm, is acclaimed by customers at home and abroad "environmentally friendly" composite water treatment agent.

    Use: is suitable for the circulating chilled/hot water system of water quality stability, solve the problems of corrosion and scaling system can also be used for other cooling systems, and can match with oxidation type or non oxidizing bactericide use.

    Method of use: general dosing quantity for the supplement water quantity of 200 PPM. In the process of using the regulation according to water quality analysis report and dosing frequency dosing quantity. Dosing method can be used in artificial expansion tank additive or continuous dosing metering pump on a regular basis.

    Packaging, transportation and storage: 25 kg, 200 kg plastic barrel, the product is suitable for normal mode of transportation, it is strictly prohibited to hit, in order to avoid leakage, room temperature storage, keep ventilated, cannot insolate, storage period of ten months.

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