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    Circulating water algae fungicidal B

    ●Chemical composition: type quaternary ammonium salt bactericides

    Outside view: colourless liquid

    ●Quality indicators:


    Color: as high efficiency, broad spectrum of algae fungicidal, bacteria, fungi and algae in industrial water has obvious killing effect. At the same time can be used as fiber textile processing of levelling agent.

    Use: used in industrial circulating cooling water sterilization alga and central air conditioning cooling water system, control of bacteria and algae breeding, and the other type oxidation fungicide, such as JM - 306 - a used interchangeably, reduce the drug resistance of bacteria and algae, the effect is much better.

    Method of use: impingement plus 100-150 parts per million, daily maintenance control in 30-80 PPM.

    Packaging, transportation and storage: 25 kg, 200 kg plastic barrel, the products are suitable for routine should be placed according to the direction in the process of transport, handle with care, it is strictly prohibited to hit, in order to avoid leakage, at room temperature keep ventilated, cannot insolate, storage period of ten months.

    ●Safety matters: the safety of this product without danger, non flammable and explosive, non-corrosive, stable chemical properties. If they hit when using, please rinse with plenty of water.

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