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    Circulating water algae fungicidal A

    ●Chemical composition: bromate type bactericide

    Outside view: colorless or reddish transparent liquid

    ●Quality indicators:


    Point: the fungicide for international popular environmental protection in the ninety s, new products for high efficiency, broad spectrum of algae fungicidal, in industrial water has obvious kill bacteria, fungi and algae. Especially the bactericide can natural biodegradable, non-toxic and pollution-free, no pollution limits, can also be used as sludge stripping agent under high concentration. The company products do not contain copper sulfate stabilizer, which can effectively avoid pitting.

    Use: petroleum, chemical plant, ammonia plant and refinery circulating cooling water, such as the hotel air conditioning cooling water system of fungicide, xuan used with JM - 306 - b.

    Added to the system of using force method: direct, dosing quantity is 200 PPM, impact type sterilization, such as bacteria and algae sticky mud quantity is larger, should improve its appropriate dosage.

    Packaging, transportation and storage: 25 kg, 200 kg of colored plastic buckets or by iron drum lined with plastic film packaging, transport packaging in long distance agreed by both parties of supply and demand. Product is suitable for normal mode of transportation, transportation should be placed according to the direction in the process of handle with care, it is strictly prohibited to hit, in order to avoid leakage, room temperature storage, keep ventilated, cannot insolate, storage period of ten months.

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