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    Reverse osmosis membrane special algae fungicidal

    ●Chemical composition: organic azole fungicide

    Outside view: light yellow liquid

    ●Quality indicators:


    Point: the fungicide for efficient, spectral algae fungicidal, of RO membrane of bacteria, fungi and algae has obvious quickly kill action. Especially the bactericide can natural biodegradable, non-toxic and pollution-free, no pollution limits, can also be used in high concentrations.

    Use: used in RO membrane system sterilization alga, control of bacteria and algae breeding; Belong to the organic reagents of type, safe for membrane, designed for R0 membrane preparation.

    Method of use: continuous dosing 30-50 PPM, impingement dosing control in 100-150 PPM.

    Packaging, transport and storage: 25 kg, 50 kg plastic barrels packaging, the product is suitable for normal mode of transportation, transportation process should be handled with great care, it is strictly prohibited to hit, in order to avoid leakage, room temperature storage, keep ventilated, cannot insolate, storage period of ten months.

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